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Perth Inner City Youth Service (PICYS) wants to hear your views about our services and how they could better meet your needs.Your feedback assists in improving the quality and safety of our services, whether a complaint or comment. The privacy of both service user and provider is respected; no reference is to be made about lodgment of a complaint in any young person’s file.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of our services and would like to make a suggestion or complaint, you can call or make a time to discuss the problem directly with the person or program involved.

If you don’t feel able to talk directly to the person involved or feel unhappy with their response then you have the right to approach any staff member with your concerns. That staff member will listen to your complaint and help you to work out the best way to have it addressed. You can also lodge a complaint using the form below, or alternatively, you can download the complaint and feedback form.

You will not be treated unfairly, discriminated against or denied any service as a result of making a complaint.

You are welcome to have a support person with you at any stage in the process or you can approach a PICYS staff member that you trust and ask them to assist you. It can to helpful to think about what you would like to see happen as a result of raising the complaint.


If you are not sure how to raise the issue you are concerned about, or would like to speak someone who is not part of the program working with you, please contact PICYS EO on 9388 2792 or alternatively you can email


What happens if I make a complaint?

PICYS takes your complaints seriously and will keep a record of the complaint and the steps that you been taken to resolve it. We will tell you about what we plan to do as a result of you complaint and will try to resolve it as quickly as possible.

If you are not satisfied with our response, and want to take it further, you are welcome to make contact with an external advocacy agency or complaints body.

Who you may wish to contact

Health and Disabilities Services Complaints Office – HaDSCO
Phone: (08) 6551 7620

Equal Opportunities Commission WA
Phone: (08) 9216 3900

Contact us

22 Blencowe Street
West Leederville WA 6901
Phone: (08) 9388 2792
Fax: (08) 9388 2793

Privacy Statement

Consistent with WA Government policy and legislation, PICYS endorses fair information handling practices. Any information provided, including identification of individuals, will be used only for the purpose intended and where the intention includes confidentiality, information will be retained as such unless otherwise required by law.


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