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PICYS eNews April 2017

Saturday 15 Apr 2017 1:50

Welcome to PICYS  eNews, as we share information with our Association members and supporters, keeping you informed of the latest news around PICYS.

April sees National Youth Week and Youth Homelessness Matters Day on the 5th April.  Its an important time for  recognising the hardship and personal cost of homelessness amongst young people right across Australia, and throughout our state of WA.  On Wednesday 5th April PICYS is holding an open luncheon day for young people who attend PICYS during our regular BaseCamp open drop in time. There will be time to talk, share a few stories, eat and have some fun together while we acknowledge the journeys of so many young people experiencing homelessness.

Also on Youth Matter Homelessness Day PICYS are presenting a special information session at Notre Dame University Fremantle campus on working with young people and specifically young homelessness people and those who may have unstable or diagnosed mental health.  We thank Notre Dame for the invitation and acknowledge their interest and support of PICYS work.

PICYS is also working with OutinPerth magazine and some young people to publish an article in an up and coming edition about youth homelessness and the experiences of young LGBTI people being homeless.  We thank Graeme and Leigh at OutinPerth for this opportunity. This is an important message in the light of the Commonwealth Government mooting they may reduce funding for Specialist Homelessness Services in the coming May budget.  Any reduction of government funding to PICYS would have a devastating effect for the young people accessing PICYS services and community.  In 2015/16 one in every 3 young people accessing individualised support through PICYS identified as LGBTI.

In an endeavour to better secure PICYS services going forward we have created a variety of Golden Opportunities for you, your family, businesses and community groups to actively join with us in achieving our Pledge.  We would love to have you as a valued colleague and supporter, so please be in contact with me on 0403 452 180 or at .

Our HouseHold Network and PILLAR services are fully operational yet referrals are always welcome.  Please contact anytime on 9388 272 or visit our website at

Keep smiling and Njoy Yr day 🙂

Andrew Hall
Executive Officer

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