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Saturday 15 Apr 2017
Welcome to PICYS  eNews, as we share information with our Association members and supporters, keeping you informed of the latest news around PICYS. April sees National Youth Week and Youth Homelessness Matters Day on the 5th April.  Its an important time for  recognising the hardship and personal cost of homelessness amongst young people right across Australia, and throughout our state of WA.  On Wednesday 5th April PICYS is holding an open luncheon day for young people who attend PICYS
Tuesday 28 Mar 2017 | Welcome to PICYS first eNews, we hope to share information with our Association members and supporters, keeping you informed of the latest news around PICYS. PICYS is off to a flying start for 2017.
  • During January and February we conducted art therapy sessions on Wednesdays during our BaseCamp drop-in times.  This initiative was funded by a donation from the Joondalup Soroptimists Club and was well received by the young people.  The sessions were delivered by two art therapy students from IKON Institute.
  • From March through to May we are running a DRUMBEAT program on Fridays which is open to any interested young people.  DRUMBEAT is delivered by accredited HOLYOAKE trainers. PICYS received the funding through the Department of Local Government and Communities.
  • In March PICYS hosted SARC (Sexual Assault Referral Centre) training on trauma and sexual abuse disclosures.  This was valuable and confirming training for our staff and the guests from other agencies who joined us.
Our HouseHold Network and PILLAR services are fully operational yet referrals are always welcome.  Please contact anytime or visit our website at During March PICYS received a pledge donation from a private Family Trust providing $25,000 and a further $25,000 in September to support our work with young people.  This is a generous donation that will allow PICYS to provide added value
Friday 20 May 2016 | Jaymee is  19 years old and is just setting out on her on adult life as she leaves the care of the state.  Jaymee has a keen interest in seeing children happy and safe and over the last year has greatly enjoyed being a nanny for a family with three young children; caring for the children whilst the parents went to work.  Recently Jaymee received some money and Jaymee decided she wanted to share some of that with other children.  Jaymee purchased nearly $6,000 worth on new clothes, toys and books and has donated these to CharityLink to distribute to children and families who could benefit from her generosity. We thought we would like to share this story, with Jaymee’s permission.  So we have placed this brief piece and photos on our website, because we think Jaymee is amazing and awesome in her care for other children.