BaseCamp aGender

Base Camp aGender is a monthly drop-in space for trans and gender diverse young people who are experiencing homelessness and disconnect from family. It’s a place to be with peers and be themselves in a safe and supportive space. This is a spin off from PICYS’ weekly Base Camp drop-ins – a place for homeless young people to be and become.

Base Camp aGender is run by trans and gender diverse peers who are experienced and qualified support workers. We aim to support trans and gender diverse young people’s safety, wellbeing, resilience and connectedness to communities and homelessness services.

Open Saturdays once a month – contact or 08 9388 2791 for details.

Base Camp aGender is part of the Trans Homelessness Pathways Project in collaboration with TransFolk of WA, ConnectGroups and PICYS, funded by City of Vincent Community Homelessness Grant.

BaseCamp Household Network